Vladimír Brummer


Vladimir Brummer was born in beautiful Slovak city of Banská Bystrica . He finished University in Brno (on Faculty of Chemistry VUT). So far he remained faithful to Brno, currently is working in the chemical industry and constantly wonders around Brno and the Bílovice nad Svitavou town with his family.

His list of interests is very long and diverse, and often happens that a hobby is neglected to the detriment of another. Of all can be mentioned such as: board games - their playing and development, artwork, playing the piano and flute, walks and games with his son, books (sci-fi, fantasy, as well as whatever another interesting), badminton , table tennis, volleyball, fitness, PC and PS3 games.

At first Vladimir Brummer discover modern board games, by playing games like Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Bang, Citadel, which are older now, but still remarkable. He found the area of modern board games, which was founded and began to develop only recently so enchanting, that he decided to contribute and create his own modern board games. He considered that playing board games is a noble entertainment and appropriate mental exercise.

In year 2011, thanks to games designers' competition organized by CBG and cooperation of CBG with Efko publisher, he was able to issue the first game called Infarkt and present it to games exhibition Spiel 2011 in Essen, Germany.

Development of the game and acknowledgments

Development of the game and in particular its tightening and tuning into a form in which you can buy it in the shop is a matter challenging and it cannot be managed by one man. Therefore, the designer thanks the main tester and the head of non-profit organization Czech Board Games - Jakub Těšínský. In testing and improvement of Infarkt are more or less participated: Andrej Brummer, Ivana Brummerová, Jan Kuděla, Jitka Dvorakova, Lenka Krakovková, Lubos Žižňavský, Monika Brummerová, Pepa Koštíř, Radka Lomickova, Sebastian Chlum, V. Brummer st., Zdenek Lomička and other many people from the Czech Board Games and outside the company, and therefore deserves our thanks.