bg.jpgWelcome to the official website of Infarkt - the Czech party board game.

Your job and your family and home are irreconcilable enemies fiercely fighting for you time and patience. Consequences of your nightlife, laziness and other sins may only hardly be counterbalanced by your very limited sport activities and random tries to live in a healthier way. Moreover, you keep facing unpredictable disasters, annoyance, parties and visits of your relatives …

Warning: The publisher is not responsible for any positive influences the game might have on your lifestyle :-)

Czech Board  Games project (Česká deskoherní společnost)  supports  beginning  Czech  designers with their startup on the board game market. A competition of authors organised in the framework of this project guarantees the publication of at least the winning game. In 2011, we succeeded to find partners  for  the  publication of  two  games and, therefore, thanks to Efko company, we have published the game called Infarkt (Heart Attack).

What principles the game works on?

Players take the role of healthy young person, everyone has the opportunity to invite their neighbors to the party and offer them a combination of typical unhealthy party food, beverages and tobacco. It is only on the players to prepare currently the best and most effective combination of cards, than invite their neighbors and worsen their health status. Players are gradually getting older and their health deteriorate. To keep up with others, they eat health food and/or drugs. Game board is consisted of locations, where your life takes place (work, supermarket, gym, market, pharmacy and many others - there are five extensions in the box). Players use the simultaneous actions planning for every round of the game (worker placement mechanics). Players in the game are also faced with many pleasant and less pleasant events (severe diarrhea, mother-in-law coming, holidays, etc..) Those affect their life journey. Watch others as they are fighting with different situations, it is often a lot of fun.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal is to keep yourself healthy in a dangerous neighborhood competition as long as possible because if the health characteristics of a player (cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, depression and others) reaches a critical value, the player dies (it means for him the end of the game). Last surviving player wins the game.

What is the price of the Infarct and where can I buy it?

The recommended retail price of the Infarct is € 25 (490 CZK). The list of points of sale can be found in the links.

Who is intended the game for and how long it takes ?

The game will appeal to both young and old and is designed for people who are willing to have fun with the game. Recommended age of players is 10 years old and more. Standard game time is around 60 minutes. The game is for 2-5 players recommended number of players is 3-5.